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Security should never come second. Specializing in commercial door installation and residential door replacement, Melnik & Sons are the expert installers of secure and seamless doors that add visual appeal while streamlining the entryways of your home or business.

Door Installation

Melnik & Sons specializes in a wide array of commercial and residential door applications to secure and protect your home and commercial property in the Rochester NY and Buffalo NY areas.

Whether it is your residential home or commercial place of business, first impressions are everything to your guests, customers, and clients. Entryways are supposed to convey an essence of invitation, while achieving the difficult balance of prioritizing security and protection from the elements. Melnik & Sons is here to help you identify the door replacement solution that checks all the boxes of your door and entryway needs.

If your warehouse or factory needs solid metal fireproof doors for security and compartmentalization, we have the perfect door installation for your commercial needs. If your residential home entryway needs increased security while being weatherproofed and UV protected to handle the harsh weather or Rochester and Buffalo, we have the proper selection of door installation options that will reflect high curb appeal while allowing light into your home and increasing energy efficiency through eliminating drafts inherent with aging doors.

Benefits of New Door Installation

New door installations are more than just good-looking. Here are some of the benefits of upgrading your commercial doors or residential entryway:

  • Energy savings from a tighter seal from the frame and the door replacement: keep the A/C in during summer and keep the heat inside during winter
  • Greater security and peace of mind through tamper- and breach-resistant doors for your home and business
  • Added security features such as integrated door chimes to know when persons are coming or going from your business doorway
  • Better light control inside your home and business by selection of window and glass options (with UV protection) on your new door installation
  • Improved foot traffic in and out of your business through easier to open and properly calibrated quicker-to-close commercial doors
  • Dramatic increase in curb appeal and resale value to your home and business due to all of the above

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As experts in exteriors, we specialize in multiple residential and commercial window installations to heighten curb appeal, control lightflow, and greatly increase energy efficiency of your home and business.


We offer and install all types of roofing systems: Solar Roofing, Metal Roofing, Traditional Roofing, and more. Call us today to discuss your options for increasing energy efficiency and greatly increasing the resale value of your property.


Our siding installation team is eager to outline your vinyl siding, cedar siding, or clapboard siding project — among other options that add curb appeal and a higher resale value to your commercial business or home residence.


Choosing a new door replacement for your home or business can be overwhelming without the help of an expert team with dependable experience guiding you through the process to ensure you have the information you need to make the right door replacement decision for your residential or commercial door installation needs. We’re thrilled to discuss your options and pricing when you give us a call and let us know a bit about your project!

How much does a typical door installation cost?

This greatly depends on the door installation needs of your home or business: the type of material your home or business is composed of, the exterior location of your door and its exposure to the elements, the level of security you need your door installation to achieve, the amount of weatherproofing your new door replacement will need, the security features you request your new entryway and door to have equipped, the wood or metal grade quality of the door itself, the state of your existing doorframe, and so on. Please contact us directly so we can narrow down the list of variables entailed with your new door install and we can get you a more accurate price quote range estimation.

My business is high-traffic and I need a door installation that can process entry and exit of many people each day. What are my options?

Our commercial door installation experts are happy to discuss the various options available to you that will solve your commercial door replacement needs. Our product lineup contains a wide selection of commercial doors that can be calibrated for high volume while achieving high security standards and energy efficiency improvements over your old commercial door and entryway.

How much energy efficiency can I achieve with a new door installation to offset the costs of the door?

Industry estimates usually range in the 10% – 25% with regard to how much HVAC / utilities savings can be achieved through main point-of-entry and secondary door replacement of a home or business. Applied to the course of a year, or the lifetime of the door replacement — your costs of replacing doors in your residential or commercial property are greatly offset. The higher volume of foot traffic, the higher the percentage of savings per door open and door close. Fresh and professional installation of adequate and complete weatherstripping around the frame also ensures proper seal of the structure and protection from the drafty outdoors, in addition to simply making each door open and door close as efficient and brief as possible.

What are the greatest benefits of a new door for my business storefront?

There have been many studies performed that gauged the foot traffic patterns of customers and whether they will enter a business with a great-looking entryway with high visibility compared to a dated and deteriorated doorway that is much less inviting. This lost revenue resulting from poor entrance doors could be viewed as offsetting the cost of door replacement.

We need entry chimes, people counters, and door closers on our entrance door. Can you install these door peripherals as part of a door replacement?

Absolutely. We know how important security and processing of people is to businesses when considering a commercial door installation. Whether you need to track foot traffic patterns through your doors, be alerted when someone enters or leaves the doorway, or want your commercial doors to close themselves after use, we can install this and many other enhancements to ensure the effective and optimal flow of traffic to and from your business as a result of a new door replacement.

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