Siding Installation

Upgrade and protect your home or business with maintenance-free and durable siding installed by Melnik & Sons. Our expert teams will wrap your home in high-quality and visually appealing vinyl, clapboard, cedar, and more residential and commercial siding options.

Siding Installation

Melnik & Sons specializes in a diverse catalog of commercial and residential siding selections to protect your Rochester or Buffalo home and business exterior and foundation from the harsh Upstate NY climate.

Our trusted team can review your project to outline all of the vinyl siding, cedar siding, clapboard siding, and more options that can be added to your residential or commercial structure for its siding needs. As is the case with any business renovation or home improvement, this is a great future-proofing renovation you can add to your property now and on a reasonable budget to create both visual appeal and healthy resale value to a residence or business / commercial property.

The insulation benefits of newly installed siding can dramatically cut your energy bills while at the same time decreasing your carbon footprint as a result of this siding installation. So reach out to our best project managers and siding experts and explore how placing us in your trust to install your new siding will surely result in much higher energy efficiency, more curb appeal, and increased foot traffic for your building or business after installation.

Benefits of New Siding Installation

New siding installations are so much more than simply a great-looking visual upgrade. Here are just a few of the many enhanced benefits of upgrading your home siding or business siding:

  • Hassle-free and maintenance-free vinyl siding repels moisture, resists mold growth, and it protects the foundation of your residential or commercial property for many years to come
  • Greater peace of mind knowing that the foundation of your home or business is protected and less susceptible to cracking and damage
  • Savings on utilities bills as a result of better insulation qualities
  • Substantial increase in the visual curb appeal and overall resale and property value of your home and/or business as a result of all of the above after installation of new siding

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As experts in exteriors, we specialize in multiple residential and commercial window installations to heighten curb appeal, control lightflow, and greatly increase energy efficiency of your home and business.


We offer and install all types of roofing systems: Solar Roofing, Metal Roofing, Traditional Roofing, and more. Call us today to discuss your roofing options for increasing energy efficiency and greatly increasing the resale value of your property.


Our residential and commercial doors installation teams are happy to assist in your selection of a new style door for your home or business to properly secure your property while increasing energy efficiency and resale value.


Siding comes with great selection. With many styles and materials for your home or business, our siding experts and installers are very happy to review options with you to create the beautiful residence or commercial building of your dreams through new siding installation. Ask us about our assorted vinyl siding, clapboard siding, cedar siding, and other options to help you weigh the pros and cons entailed with each siding install on your Rochester NY or Buffalo NY property.

How much does a professional siding installation cost?

Costs of a new siding installation are mostly dependent on the materials used, whether it’s vinyl siding, clapboard siding, or cedar siding. There are even more siding materials available, for a specialized look — call our experts for siding install options. Our home improvement installation contractors are happy to discuss these options and their price ranges via email or phone. Just click over to the Contact page or call us directly and we’ll give you the straight shot on siding materials and siding installation costs for your Rochester NY and/or Buffalo NY home or business.

My business is heavily exposed to the elements. Does this affect what siding installation options are available to me?

The specific location and exposure to sunlight, rainfall, snow, elevation and more are all factors to be considered when planning your siding installation project. Our siding experts can certainly help you narrow down your siding install options for the Rochester NY and Buffalo NY geographic areas to ensure that the right siding materials are used for the long-term protection of your residential or commercial property that requires new siding.

What kind of energy efficiency will I get from new siding added to my home in Rochester, NY?

For homes and businesses located in the Rochester NY and Buffalo NY areas, HVAC and utilities are heavily seasonal and can become quite costly when your structure has poor siding, windows, doors, or roofing. The great news is that this can be turned into a huge positive with new siding which will dramatically decrease your usage of heating and A/C after install. Contact our siding installation team for a full overview of the best advantages of new siding and the cost savings that can be achieved through a new siding installation at your residence or commercial business property.

What are some of the commercial benefits from adding new siding to my business in Buffalo NY or Rochester NY?

Naturally the better your property looks, the more inviting it will be, the more it will appeal to potential customers and clients, and the more it will convey an image of trust to anyone who is considering entering your business or doing business with your company. First impressions are everything in business, and a new commercial siding installation will greatly control how the general public and your target clients perceive your business. Just as you would dress yourself for success, your business should be dressed up in new commercial siding to achieve the same thing! Contact our siding installation team in Rochester NY to discuss many more benefits of commercial siding.

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