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New window installations are more than just a visual upgrade. Increased energy efficiency, better security, and U/V light filtering are just a few of the major benefits of new windows installed in your residential or commercial property. Contact our window installation team today to explore a variety of new windows to improve your home or business.

Window Installation & Window Repair

Melnik & Sons is an industry leader in commercial and residential windows installation to protect and secure your home and business property in the Rochester NY and Buffalo NY areas.

Both your residence and business can benefit from fabulous new window replacement. Our window installation options provide the best of both worlds in terms of upgrading the appearance of your windows while still maintaining high security, energy efficiency, and harmful U/V light filtering. Melnik & Sons is thrilled to help you outift your home and business with wonderful windows to upgrade your Rochester or Buffalo property. Protect your home and business from the harsh Rochester and Buffalo elements with new weatherproof windows installed by our professional home renovation install team.

Windows, Siding, Roofing, and Doors are some of the best top renovations you can do to add long-term value to your home and resale value. Our product catalog has a multitude of windows solutions for every residential or commercial property. Contact us today to review many options of garden windows, casement windows, slider windows, basement windows, decorative glass windows, stationary windows, bay windows, bow windows, double hung windows, single hung windows, picture windows, stained glass windows, security windows, skylights, awning windows, transom windows, and so much more!

Benefits of New Windows Installation

A new window installation is more than just a simple renovation update. These are some of the many benefits of updating your home and business windows with a new install in Upstate NY:

  • Huge energy savings from better seals around the windows to prevent drafty loss of heat & air conditioning: keep your A/C inside during summer and then keep all the heat inside during winter months
  • U/V light filtering to protect your carpeting and furniture from discoloring by harmful sunlight that comes through outdated windows unfiltered
  • Greatly improved peace of mind and security through modern, updated windows for your business and home
  • The addition of added security implements such as window alarms compatible with your smart home security system
  • Major increase in resale value appreciation and in curb appeal for your home and business due to all of the above after your new windows installation in Rochester NY and Buffalo NY

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Selecting window replacements for your home and business can be daunting without the assistance of an expert star team with years of reliable, trusted experience helping you with the process to guarantee you have all the correct information you need to be able to make the best window replacement decisions for your residential or commercial window installation renovation project needs. We are ecstatic to work for you and outline your options and the pricing when you reach out to any of our team members to let us know more about your window installation needs!

How much do window replacements cost for a home or a business?

Naturally, this mostly depends on the window installation requirements of your business or home: the types of materials your residential or commercial property is constructed with, the locations of your windows and their exposure to rain / snow / wind / sunlight, the amount of security you need your new window installation to have depending on your exact location, the amount of weatherproofing and supplemental protection your new window upgrade replacements will need, any additional security features you want included as part of the window installation, the quality of the windows you need installed, the current state of your existing windows and the surrounding material, and so on. We ask that you please contact us directly and we can trim the list of window installation variables associated with your new window install so we can get for you the most accurate window installation price quote for your new windows install in Rochester NY and the surrounding Buffalo NY installation area.

What kind of energy efficiency can I expect with new windows installed? Will it help offset the costs of having a new window installation?

While every residential and commercial new window installation is different in the Rochester NY and Buffalo NY areas, our happy customers generally report anywhere from a 10% – 25% cost savings in utilities expenses after having new windows installed as part of their home renovation project or commercial renovations. With those type of savings stretched out each year for the typical lifetime of the windows to be installed, you quickly approach having the windows almost pay for themselves over the lifespan of the windows. When you factor in the visual appeal and security benefits on top of these utilities savings, it’s really the smart decision to consider having new windows installed at your home or business as part of your renovation or improvement project.

Tell me about the biggest benefits of new windows for my business. How can new windows help?

Our products featured the most attractive fittings and materials to give your business that clean and professional “new” look to customers and clients that see them. Let’s face it — when you’re in an old building, you know it. There’s no hiding old windows with outdated styling, drafty edges, and prehistoric locks. Our new window installation options can dramatically improve the visual appeal and security of your business. The energy efficiency aspect described above is also a game-changer in keeping your utility bills low while also keeping your employees and customers comfortable with better indoor climate control provided by newly-installed windows for your business. The resale value of your business also greatly improves with new windows on the property disclosure; especially in the Rochester NY and Buffalo NY areas.

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