Commercial Roofing Installation

When it comes to assessing commercial properties, there’s a reason why the first question everyone asks is, “how’s the roof?” Commercial buildings more than any other type of structure come into contact with the harsh elements of Rochester and Buffalo. There’s no way to cut corners on your next commercial roof installation. Trust Melnik & Sons to guide you through the process of your upcoming commercial roof replacement or repair to ensure your place of business is well-protected.

Our Commercial Roofing Installation Services

At Melnik & Sons, we specialize in a diverse assortment of commercial roofing applications to protect your home and commercial business in the areas of Rochester NY and Buffalo NY.

Commercial roofing is a serious matter that can lead to major problems and costly damages if neglected or installed improperly by inadequate crews or with subpar materials. Melnik & Sons has decades of expertise in commercial roofing installation, and can help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming prospect of planning and choosing the right installers to replace your roof on your commercial property.

Melnik & Sons has a comprehensive range of training and familiarity with a multitude of commercial roofings systems, commercial roofing materials, commercial roofing installation techniques, commercial roofing refurbishment options, and commercial roofing repair methods. Contact us today about your commercial roof so that we can outline all of the commercial roofing options and commercial roofing price ranges available to you before you undertake your upcoming commercial roof replacement project.

Benefits of New Commercial Roofing Installation

New commercial roofing installed on your commercial property can have many positive impacts:

  • Utilities savings from a new commercial roof can be quite substantial depending on the state of your old commercial roof
  • Better insulation and dissipation properties from a new commercial roof will allow you to keep heat in during winter and deflect heat out during summer in Rochester NY and Buffalo NY
  • Weatherproofing qualities of new commercial roofing helps keep the interior of your commercial structure moisture- and mold-free for years to come.
  • New commercial roofing protects your interior ceilings and furniture / equipment / carpets from being damaged by leaks resulting in costly repairs or replacement
  • New commercial roofing dramatically improves the property value and assessment of your commercial building for resale
  • Potential tenants are much more likely to lease or rent a commercial building with new commercial roofing, due to peace of mind gained from knowing they won’t have issues in this sometimes problematic area of any rental or lease property

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Metal Roofing

Quickly becoming an energy-efficient and visually attractive industry trend, metal roofing installation is more and more commonly applied to residential and commercial properties.

Solar Roofing

Revolutionizing the roofing industry is the movement to install integrated solar roofing on residential and commercial buildings to lower utility bills and decrease carbon footprints.


Commercial roofing options are varied and there’s the right application for any commercial property. Our commercial roofing installation experts are happy to discuss any questions you have to find the right fit for your commercial unit. Give us a call to discuss pricing and details about the selection and commercial roofing installation process.

What are the price ranges for commercial roof installations?

Obviously this mostly depends on the exact commercial roofing installation needs for your business or rental / lease property: this includes the geographic location of your commercial property, the exposure to the elements of Rochester and Buffalo, and so on. Please reach out to us directly and we can whittle down the list of many commercial roofing variables entailed with a new commercial roofing install and then we can get you a much more accurate pricing quote range estimation.

What commercial roofing options are available for the Rochester NY and Buffalo NY areas?

Every commercial roof is different. Depending on what commercial roofing system your building currently has, we can evaluate the best commercial roofing system to install. Whether your commercial building needs commercial roofing repair, commercial roofing refurbishment, or a brand new commercial roofing system, our commercial roofing install team is eager to get up on your rooftop and evaluate the state of it and then make a recommendation for the best commercial roofing option for you moving forward.

What kind of energy efficiency can I expect to achieve through a new commercial roofing system?

While industry estimates can usually vary, we typically see a substantial savings with respect to what type of HVAC / utilities savings can be realized by way of a commercial roof replacement which results in better insultation capabilities of the commercial roof. When these savings are applied to the course of even one year, and then the lifetime of the commercial roof replacement — the net costs of replacing the roof on your commercial property are greatly offset by these savings.

What are some of the protections afforded by a commercial roof installation?

Mainly a new commercial roofing system will protect against hazardous and damaging water, moisture, and mold; protecting your commercial property for years to come an preventing your interior ceilings, furniture, walls, carpets, floors, and more from damages due to moisture. The prevention of mold by way or installing a new commercial roofing system also dramatically increases air quality and the health of your commercial property’s inhabitants and occupants.

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