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A new metal roof installation is fast becoming one of the best ways to improve the roofing system of any home or business. The visual appeal, insulation qualities, and property value increase that results from a fresh metal roofing installation are why many homeowners and business owners are choosing Melnik & Sons to install a new metal roof for their residence or commercial property.

Our Metal Roofing Installation Services

Melnik & Sons are the metal roofing experts in Rochester & Buffalo. With decades of roofing experience, our expertise is unrivaled in this area of roofing specialty.

Metal roofing continues to be one of the best ways to streamline a roofing system for your home or business property. Many homewners and business owners have elected to have a new metal roof installed since it has such great curb appeal, is remarkably energy efficient, increases the property and resale value of a building, and because it is a straightforward and expedient roof installation proposition.

Melnik & Sons team members have decades of roofing experience, and we especially specialize in metal roofing systems for home and business applications. Contact our metal roofing experts today to disuss the type of coloring, finishes, and materials that are available in a metal roof to suit the needs of your home or business.

Benefits of Metal Roof Installation

Metal roof installations can have a litany of benefits to your home or business. Here are just a few of the advantages of having Melnik & Sons install a metal roof on your residential or commercial property:

  • Increased energy savings from improved air management and insultation engineering of a metal roof, to keep the A/C inside in the summer months and to keep heat inside the structure during winter months in Rochester and Buffalo NY
  • Greater protection from the elements of Rochester and Buffalo and better drainage of rain and water from the metal roof to prevent unwanted moisture, moss, and mold from growing on the roof or underneath seams
  • Increased visual appeal of a metal roof to dramatically improve public perception of your home or business; often resulting in higher property values and easier resale for higher pricing
  • More customers and clients entering your place of business as a result of having a more attractive metal roof installed

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Metal roofing is a relatively straightfoward install. Melnik & Sons specializes in metal roof installation, and our team members have decades of experience in this field to ensure your next metal roof protects your home or business for years to come. Reach out to our metal roof installers directly to get their expert advice to help you make the right choice when considering a new metal roof installation for your residence or commercial property.

What kind of costs are involved with a typical metal roof installation in Rochester NY or Buffalo NY?

First we need to asses the state of your existing roof before being able to accurately price out a new metal roof installation for your home or business in Rochester or Buffalo. But our best metal roof experts are eager to chat with you about your overall metal roof installation needs and we can outline ballpark pricing at that time — just call us to discuss your metal roof needs!

What type of noise reduction can I expect from a metal roof compared to a traditional roof?

Our seasoned expert metal roof installers are best equipped to answer this question when you call for an introduction. We normally see improvements in acoustical performance of metal roofs compared to outdated roofing systems found in Rochester NY and Buffalo NY. Contact our metal roofing professionals today and we can give you a more in-depth overview of the materials quality and sound performance of metal roofing systems that are typically installed in the Rochester and Buffalo areas.

What energy efficiency improvements normally result from the installation of a metal roof?

Metal roofing systems are great at producing net savings of utility bills for your home or business. With every metal roof installation, a layer of air is created between the metal roofing material and the actual structure. This creates great insulation qualities resulting form the metal roof that help dramatically improve your energy performance and consumption, which results in the positive benefit of a lower carbon footprint for your residential or commercial property after metal roof installation.

What are the biggest positives of a metal roof installation in Rochester and Buffalo NY?

Obviously the visual appeal of a brand new metal roof installation goes without saying. If you are looking at getting a roof replacement, you would be hard pressed to do better visually than a new metal roof. The curb appeal is instantaneously improved after installing a new metal roof, and the energy efficiency created by a new metal roofing system installation is another huge plus.

Will the resale value of my home or the property value of my commercial rental improve with the installation of a metal roofing system in the Rochester and Buffalo area of Upstate NY?

With anything visual, the resale value and property value of that home improvement will undoubtedly increase. This is especially the case with metal roofing systems. Our experts are happy to assist with your selection of the right visual style of metal roofing before installation, to make sure that this cost of metal roofing installation can transform from a fixed cost to an investment in your home or business that can be recouped later in the form or higher resale value or property valuation.

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