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The Town of Pittsford NY is a wonderful community of vibrant commercial and residential composition that’s evolved considerably fast in recent years. A core part of the buildings and structures that comprise these business and living areas is a quality roofing system installed by skilled Pittsford roofing contractors and expert roofing teams that are experienced with Pittsford NY, its climate, its commercial operation, Pittsford NY zoning laws, and its building codes. We’re here to help in the Pittsford NY area with commercial roofing, metal roofing, and solar roofing installations. Contact us today to review the many great roofing system options available to you in the Pittsford NY region.

Pittsford NY's Best Roofing Contractors & Expert Roofing Repair Specialists

Melnik & Sons is highly experienced in all variants of roofing systems in the Pittsford area and roof repair to enhance and renovate your home residence or commercial structure in Pittsford NY.

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Roofing Services in Pittsford NY

Commercial Roofing

Nobody knows more about Pittsford NY commercial roofing than Melnik & Sons commercial roofing contractors. There’s no way to cut corners on your next commercial roof installation in Pittsford NY. Contact us today to learn more about the many commercial roofing systems in the Pittsford area available to you and your business for long-term quality and durable roofing results!

Metal Roofing

Pittsford NY has one of the best business and retail districts in all of Upstate New York and beyond. It also has some of the harshest weather. We understand the importance of balancing visual appeal and protection from the elements, so we are happy to install metal roofing systems in Pittsford NY on many homes and businesses alike!

Solar Roofing

Solar roofing in Pittsford NY is fast becoming all the rage. Pittsford is already one of the most environmentally-progressive towns in America, and solar roofing installation is one of the reasons why. As more and more Pittsford homeowners and business owners become compelled to lower the carbon footprint of their business, we’re thrilled to help this mission by installing a solar roofing system on your Pittsford NY property.

Benefits of New Roofing Systems Installation and Roof Repairs on your Home or Business in Pittsford NY

Roofing system upgrades are so much more than just a visual improvement. These are just a few of the many positives of upgrading or repairing the roof of your Pittsford NY home or commercial business:

  • Energy savings from roof replacement by creating more efficient insulation against the harsh seasonal extremes of Pittsford, NY
  • Higher property values in Pittsford and more inviting exterior appearance from improved new roof installation
  • Lower carbon footprint from the installation of solar roofing on any home or business; becoming a more eco-friendly or even carbon-neutral business
  • Better curb appeal to customers and clients resulting from new metal roof installation and various commercial roofing systems for your public-facing commercial structure in Pittsford NY
  • Dramatic increase in resale value to your home and business in the Pittsford NY market due to all of the above exteriors improvements

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What is Melnik & Sons Exteriors' service area for roofing, windows, doors, and siding replacement? My commercial property is located just outside Pittsford.

We provide roofing services (commercial roofing, metal roofing, solar roofing, roof repair, and more) services to these and more Greater Rochester areas (in addition to Buffalo NY): Henrietta, Greece, Chili, Pittsford, Brighton, Gates, Penfield, Fairport, Webster, Macedon, Churchville, Avon, Rush, Mendon, East Rochester, West Bloomfield, Honeoye Falls, Spencerport, Irondequoit, Canandaigua, Hilton, Geneseo, North Gates, Manchester, Shortsville, Scottsville, Brockport, Newark, Clifton Springs, Ontario, Holley, Williamson, Perinton, Farmington, Lima, Walworth, Sodus, Ogden, Parma, Palmyra, Marion, Hopewell, Clarkson, Hamlin, Riga, Sweden, LeRoy, Wheatland, Phelps, Bergen, Arcadia, Port Gibson, Riverton, Hamlin, Caledonia, Lakeville, Livonia, Gates Center, Fishers, Lyons, Geneva, Bristol, & more.

My roofing, siding, windows, or doors project is tied up with an insurance claim. Can you help me get this exteriors project covered? My home is in PittsfordNY.

Melnik & Sons in Rochester, NY can absolutely help with your insurance-related windows, siding, or doors home renovation exteriors needs. Our in-house insurance staff can help you navigate the process and ensure coverage. Our staff has decades of experience successfully interfacing with insurance companies and adjusters. Help us help you finance your damaged roofing, siding, doors, and windows by making sure your policy pays out to restore your Pittsford NY home or business exteriors.

Does Melnik & Sons Exteriors offer free estimates for windows, doors, siding, and roofing jobs in Pittsford NY?

Whether you need commercial roofing, metal roofing, or solar roofing — we’re always happy to visit your home or business in the Pittsford NY area to talk with you, assess your property, and provide you with a free estimate with an accurate price quote for roofing. Don’t hesitate to contact our expert roofing team members to discuss your Pittsford NY home renovation or installation needs and we’ll have your home or commercial property looking like the best in Pittsford, NY!

Why should I trust Melnik & Sons Exteriors with my Pittsford NY home renovation exteriors project? I need roofing, siding, doors, and windows -- that's a lot of exteriors to trust to one exteriors company.

Our expertise is unmatched in roofing. Our team pedigree comes from decades of combined experience in siding, windows, doors, and roofing in the Pittsford NY area. Our pricing transparency, positive customer testimonials, trusted brand name, and insurance protection will guarantee the best possible installation and result for your business or home renovation or repair needs. Call us today to discuss details of your new skylight installation, roof repair, roof installation, stucco, and more!

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