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Roof Coating gives unmatched protection to your flat commercial roof and dramatically increases its lifespan. In addition to the weather protection safeguards of a coated roof, the reflective qualities of roof coating material can substantially decrease the impact of harmful UV rays, which also helps to cool your building and dramatically cut energy expenses. When you choose Melnik & Sons to apply your new roof coating, we’ll seal the deal!

Our Roof Coating Services

Melnik & Sons is the industry-leading installer of roof coating in the area. Entrust your roof coating needs to our experienced team of roof coating specialists to ensure your roof stays protected and has a long life ahead.

With the surging costs of building materials required in roof replacement and even minor repair, roof coating has become a great option for many business owners looking to prolong the life of their roof. So if you’re wondering, “are there any roof coating installers near me?” — then we’ve got great news for you. Melnik & Sons is one of the foremost roof coating companies in the area.

In addition to protecting a roof, decreasing the carbon footprint of any home or business is a great thing. Roof coating can help your commercial building or residence achieve this with the reflective properties of roof coating, which reflects UV rays, thereby reducing the temperature of your roof and therefore its interior. Your utility bills will agree this is a great way to lower carbon emissions and operating costs.

Benefits of Roof Coating Application

Roof coating provides many great benefits to virtually any commercial building and some residential ones, as well. These are just a few of those gains that can be made through the magic of roof coating:

  • Dramatically extended roof lifespan (usually more than 10 years) which not only prolongs the roof continuity itself, but effectively prevents the possibility of leaks that might otherwise damage the interior of the structure
  • Remarkable utility savings through reflecting sunlight and UV rays which lowers the surface temperature of your building’s roof, allowing for a cooler building, and thus requiring less energy to cool its interior
  • Great reduction of your structure’s carbon footprint, resulting in substantially less creation of excess greenhouse gasses that are harmful for the environment
  • A much higher resale value for your building by completely revitalizing its roof and adding this to the list of features your property has at time of sale or lease
  • A lower overall net cost of the application of roof coating over the roof’s lifespan when you consider the cost savings and decreased utilities usage gained by roof coating

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In this field, there are more than one roof coating options, and the number of installers that claim to be “experts” in the expanding arena of roof coating grows with each day. But at Melnik & Sons, we pride ourselves on being at the bleeding edge of this fast-growing field, and we’re happy to answer any questions about roof coating you may have. Contact us today for any questions you have about a roof coating project or any other roofing issues. We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked roof coating questions in the sidebar.

What is roof coating?

Roof coating is a process of applying a sealant to flat or low-pitch roofs, by which water and moisture can be effectively blocked from damaging or penetrating the roof of a structure. A correctly applied roof coating acts as a fully-adhered, uniform membrane that protects your roof. Most roof coatings are somewhat elastic in their composition, which allows it to flex and retain its original shaping, depending on many factors such as temperature, humidity, etc.

What types of roofs will benefit from roof coating?

While any flat or low-pitch roof will benefit from roof coating, generally commercial flat roof structures take advantage of comprehensive roof coating. Contact us today to discuss your specific roof and we’re happy to review your options, depending on the type of material your roof is made of.

How much does roof coating cost?

As always, the cost of roof coating varies by the job depending on a number of factors. But generally roof coating is estimated by the square foot. For a fast and free quote, contact Melnik & Sons Roof Coating experts today.

Does roof coating stop leaks?

Roof coating is the most effective way to stop leaks from forming on commercial flat and low pitch roofs, hands down. While it is not a substitute for replacement of already leaky roofs, roof coating can dramatically prolong the lifespan of a roof and prevent water damage or leaks from ever forming as long as the seal coat is intact.

What are the benefits of roof coating?

The great thing about roof coatings is that they create an impenetrable, sealed barrier that protects the upper layers of your roofing material from the harsh elements and sunlight of whatever climate your structure is situated. The correctly implemented roof coating substantially increases the waterproofing qualities of your roof from damaging UV rays and protects against sun damage, while also performing the double duty benefit of reflecting heat directly away from the surface of the roof, which makes for a much cooler structure on the inside — lessening the need for air conditioning in hotter months, which obviously leads to real dollars saved in utilities usage, and less greenhouse emissions.

How long does roof coating last?

While geography and climate play a role in the longevity of any exterior roofing implement such as roof coating, usually a roof life from a correctly applied roof coating can be prolonged by up to 10 years or possibly more. Your actual mileage may vary depending on coating type and other conditions, in addition to the roof coating film thickness.

What is roof coating made out of?

Roof coatings are available in a number of material types, and it depends on your specific roof construction, location, exposure to elements and sun, and other factors that will determine which roof coating option is best for your commercial roof or residence. Silicone roof coating is a common application for most cases.

How long does it take for Melnik & Sons to apply a roof coating?

Naturally this depends largely on the size of the building. Roof coating is optimally applied on clean, healthy, and roofs that are uniformly intact. Basically this entails that the application of roof coating will include cleaning the roof surface, performing a comprehensive inspection, and performing any necessary repairs to adequately prepare the roof for coating. The process also demands that the roof be entirely dry at the time of roof coating application. Larger roofs entail a longer project time. Damaged roofs also require additional time added to a project timetable. Some roofing surfaces require a primer layer before the final roof coating can be applied, which adds time to the job.

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