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No matter what kind of roofing installation or roofing repairs you need, it will be a serious project for any Mobile AL home or commercial property. Don’t entrust your roofing renovation project to any old roofing company simply because they have a low estimate. The roofing contractors of Melnik & Sons can walk you through the roofing project process, starting with a fast and free estimate, fully outlining your numerous choices to help you with making the right roofing decisions for your Mobile AL home or business. Alabama residents and commercial property owners are all too well aware just how crucial a fortified roofing installation is, and to ensure it is capable of standing up to the region’s frequent hurricane-force winds. Our expert teams will construct a professionally fortified roof installation well within the budgetary boundaries of your next roofing project — built to stand the true test of time, for many years ahead for your Mobile AL home or business.

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Solar Roofing Mobile AL

For your next roofing installation, it’s a smart and environmentally friendly idea to have your rooftop serve a multiple purpose of protecting your business or home from the dangerous hurricane season forces of Mobile County, Alabama, but to additionally generate and harness solar power for your commercial / industrial property or residence by way of installing a new solar roof. The benefits of solar roofing are: a much lower monthly utility bill, dramatically smaller carbon footprint (which makes for a greener environment), and then of course a substantially more efficient residential or industrial property. Contact us to talk with Melnik & Sons, the foremost solar roof installers in Mobile AL, and we’re ecstatic to go ahead and outline all of the financial savings to you, as well as the favorable increase in resale value for any business or home that adds this major roofing upgrade of solar roofing to their Mobile AL property.

  • New solar roofing systems save the average Mobile AL home or business highly substantially with regard to the costs per calendar year associated with normal utility rates
  • Better yet, the projection of resale value to your business property or home increases dramatically after installation of new solar roofing. This is in addition to the potential buyer pool for your home expanding for the Mobile County AL real estate market due to the features of your home having a solar roof
  • Solar roofing, in addition to many other benefits, actively decreases the carbon footprint associated with your Mobile AL residence and business, which in turn helps the environment immensely going into the 2020s
  • So many business studies have concluded that potential customers in Mobile AL areas have significantly higher and favorable impression of any businesses or industrial companies that publicly choose to prioritize their dedication toward green initiatives such as solar power roof integration

Metal Roofing Mobile AL

In and around Mobile AL, metal roofing is without a doubt one of the longest-lasting and most energy conscious fortified roofing options for any business or home that needs to withstand the hurricane-force winds of Mobile, Alabama, and efficiently protect the structure for decades into the future. Metal roofing systems are intelligently designed to be very highly resistant to the quite diverse and sometimes brutal year-round weather conditions of Mobile, Alabama. Aside from the protective qualities of metal roofing, improved energy efficiency is another priority resulting from metal roofing installation. Differing from traditional asphalt shingle roofing systems, our fortified metal roof panel actively reflects the brutally hot solar energy of Mobile AL, which means a cooler roofing system, creating a cooler business / home living area amidst the hotter months of spring and summer in Mobile County — specifically in the city limits of Mobile AL. Fortunately, the opposite comes true in winter months underneath the protection of a metal roofing system: a metal residential or metal commercial roof will experience sizable savings on energy bills, because there is an effective, thin pocket of air that exists underneath metal roofing systems we install on structures that will function as added layers of insulation. This creates an effective ventilated space of air layering under the metal roof that provides a divide stopping needless and losses of heat energy and warmth during these winter months in Mobile, AL. So be sure to contact our fortified roofing installation experts specializing in metal roofing to find out if you might possibly qualify for credits on homeowner’s insurance premiums or your business insurance policy that will help offset the costs of a metal roofing installation.

  • Metal roofing works absolute wonders to effectively protect against harsh Mobile AL weather events such as: hurricane-force winds, hail formation, wind storms, rain storms, and more
  • Proactive professional installation of metal roofing systems quickly raises the property value of Mobile AL homes and businesses that elect to have this substantial roofing upgrade installed on their property
  • Proactively upgrading to metal roofing might potentially qualify a Mobile AL home or a business for possible insurance premiums reduction, and it immediately downsizes the cost of a home or business’ utility bills, in addition to reducing the carbon footprint of the home or business property
  • Many roof color options exist as selection choices for homeowners and business owners who make the decision to get a metal roofing installation, which raises the curb appeal of any Mobile AL property

Commercial Roofing Mobile AL

Here at Melnik & Sons Construction, we pride ourselves on delivering commercial roofing installation services for the many types of businesses and diverse commercial properties all over Mobile, Alabama; large or small. We focus our business model on being able to flexibly offer business owners the affordable, energy-efficient, and long-term reliability of commercial roofing for their retail businesses, factories, warehouses, and so much more. At Melnik & Sons Construction, we are fully committed to our guiding light mission statement of providing every business and person we work with the absolute best support alongside the utmost highest of professional service fulfillment. Our experienced commercial roofing teams will use their hard-earned expertise to effectively become a prized asset to your next commercial roofing project, whether you are ultimately seeking just a roofing inspection or possibly a more extensive commercial roofing replacement for your warehouse, new or old office building, dated or rehabbed apartment building, shopping center, car dealership, factory, and more in Mobile AL. Your building occupants and tenants of your upgraded commercial properties will be safe and securely protected, and with the utility costs kept as low as possible as a result of new commercial roofing installation.

  • In and around Mobile, Alabama, newly-installed commercial roofing comes with the great advantage of saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars each financial year as a result of the reduced energy costs inherent with new, energy efficient roofing
  • The thousands of business owners in Mobile AL and the rest of Alabama state-wide would be well-served to weigh the many benefits of metal roofing or solar roofing on any upcoming installation of commercial property roofing
  • For all Mobile AL business owners, new commercial roofing does huge wonders toward preventing the immensely costly damages and possible business productivity stoppages by effectively stopping possible moisture damages and roof leaks before they ever get a chance to start on an outdated roof
  • We highly encourage you to discuss with our commercial roofing experts the myriad of benefits associated with commercial roofing installation options that are available to you and every Mobile, Alabama business and commercial / industrial property owner

Get In Touch with our Mobile AL Roofing Contractor Team:

What is Melnik & Sons Construction's service area for roofing, windows, doors, and siding replacement? My commercial property is located in Mobile AL.

We provide the best exteriors (solar roofing, commercial roofing, metal roofing, siding, windows, doors, stucco, and more) services to these and more southern Alabama areas: Mobile, Fairhope, Spanish Fort, Gulf Shores / Orange Beach, Daphne, Foley, Robertsdale, & more in Baldwin County / Mobile County.

My required roofing, siding, windows, or doors project is tied up with an insurance claim. Can you help me get this roofing project covered? My home is in Mobile, Alabama.

Melnik & Sons’ Mobile, Alabama team can absolutely help with your insurance-related roofing, windows, siding, or doors home renovation exteriors needs, hands down. Our expert in-house insurance staff can help you navigate the process and ensure coverage. Our trained staff, familiar with hurricane claims, has decades of experience successfully interfacing with insurance companies and adjusters. Help us help you finance your damaged roofing, siding, doors, and windows by making sure your policy pays out to restore your home or business exteriors to its full luster.

Does Melnik & Sons Construction offer a free estimate for windows, doors, siding, and roofing jobs in Mobile, AL?

Whether it turns out that you need solar roofing, commercial roofing, metal roofing, vinyl siding, clapboard siding, cedar siding, window replacement, new window installation, or door replacement — we’re truly always happy to visit your home or business in the southern Alabama and Mobile AL area to talk with you, assess your property, and provide you with a totally free estimate with an accurate price quote for exteriors and roofing. So don’t hesitate to contact our expert roofing and exteriors team members to discuss your home renovation or installation needs and we’ll have your home or commercial property looking like the best in all of Mobile AL!

How long does Melnik & Sons Construction normally take for a typical fortified roof installation project in Mobile, Alabama?

It generally depends. The weather in southern Alabama and Mobile AL specifically is always a factor with any exteriors project. But as for roofing, our top expert fortified roofing teams are the best at installing new roofs quickly and within your budget. If you need a solar roof, metal roof, commercial roof, traditional roof — our roofing installation home renovation project managers are the most trusted and experienced crew to tackle your roofing installation in Mobile AL. We’ll have your new residential or commercial roof installed before you can say, “best roofer in Mobile AL“.

So why should I trust Melnik & Sons Construction with my home renovation exteriors project? I need roofing, siding, doors, and windows -- that's a lot of Mobile AL construction projects to trust to one exteriors / construction company.

At Melnik & Sons Construction, our expertise is unmatched in exteriors and especially roofing. Our expert team pedigree comes from decades of combined experience in siding, windows, doors, and roofing in New York and southern Alabama. Our full pricing transparency, positive customer testimonials, trusted brand name, and total insurance protection will guarantee the best possible installation and result for your business or home renovation or repair needs. Call us today to discuss details about your new solar roof, metal roof, commercial roof, window replacement, skylight installation, roof repair, door replacement, vinyl siding installation, cedar siding installation, clapboard siding installation, stucco, and more to turn your Mobile AL home or business into the best it can be!

The pandemic is affecting Mobile AL, as it is everywhere else. Is Melnik & Sons Construction COVID-19 Safe?

Unequivocally, yes! Melnik & Sons Construction has created online processes that allow us to perform roof contracting services & exteriors / home improvement services for our Mobile AL customers without any physical or in-person contact during this pandemic of the COVID-19 virus.