Solar Roofing Installation

Solar roofing provides protection and power; it’s a win-win. Increasing energy efficiency and decreasing the carbon footprint of your home or business is a great way to solve those issues alongside your main project of having a new roof installed. When you choose Melnik & Sons to install your new solar roofing system, the results will be electric!

Our Solar Roofing Installation Services

Melnik & Sons is the best premier expert installer of solar roofing systems in the Rochester and Buffalo NY area. Entrust your next roof to our team of solar roofing installers and see the results of this “powerful” decision.

You don’t have to be the brightest bulb to realize the benefits of having a solar roof installed on your home or business. You might be asking yourself, “are there any solar roofing installers near me?” You’re in luck, because Melnik & Sons installs solar roofing systems all over the Rochester and Buffalo areas.

Decreasing the carbon footprint of your business and home is more increasingly becoming a priority for business owners and homeowners. Solar roof installations achieve this environmentally-friendly objective while substantially decreasing your reliance on the electrical grid, which helps pay the cost of a solar roofing system installation over time.

Benefits of Solar Roof Installation

Solar roofing installation systems provide clear benefits to any residential or commercial building. Here are just some of those benefits of solar roofing:

  • Massive energy savings by converting sunlight into electrical power for your home and business operation
  • Reduction of carbon footprint which results in less generation of greenhouse gasses that harm the environment
  • Positive public perception of your business and increased willingness to buy your goods or services as a result of this improved public image due to your solar roof install
  • Lower net cost of installation of a solar roof over the lifespan of the roof when considering the cost savings of utilities usage

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There are many solar roofing systems out there to choose from, and even more solar roofing installers who proclaim to be able to install them. At Melnik & Sons, we’re plugged into the solar roofing industry, and our company will be the ray of light you’re looking for to power your solar roofing home improvement. Contact us today with any questions about your solar roofing project or installation.

What are the typical costs of a solar roof installation in Rochester NY?

The best part about a solar roofing system installation is that they pay for themselves over time. When considering the utlities savings resulting from the high level of energy efficiency associated with solar roofing, the net cost of a solar roof on your residential or commercial property in the Rochester NY and Buffalo NY areas drops dramatically over the lifetime of your solar roof system.

What are some supplemental benefits of solar roofing installation other than power?

Studies have shown that the general public is more likely to patronize and support local businesses that display a willingness and take steps to improve their green initiatives and decrease their carbon footprint. Solar roofing installation is one of the biggest implementations any business can take to prove this commitment to improving the environment and limiting greenhouse emissions. Your business can expect higher attractiveness to potential customers, and a stronger level of customery loyalty resulting form your installation of a solar roof.

How will a solar roofing system installed on my home or business affect the property value or resale value in the Buffalo NY and Rochester NY real estate markets?

Homes and commercial buildings with solar roofing systems are highly sought after for obvious reasons. Not only are they freshly updated roofs, they come with the major benefit of allowing the new buyer or tenant to enjoy considerably lower energy costs for the duration of their occupancy. Due to this demand and feature of your property with a solar roof installed, resale values and property valuations for solar roof equipped properties are considerably higher than those without.

Should I view a solar roof installation as a cost or an investment?

We view solar roofing installation as an investment in your building. The investment of a solar roofing system pays dividends month after month, for the long duration of the roof lifecycle over time. If you invest in a premium solar roof, it will pay you back with each decreased utility bill you get each month. You’re also investing in the planet by choosing such an eco-friendly option with which to generate your clean energy.

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