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Get in touch with Paul Melnik today to discuss your project. We’re thrilled to chat further about the many options available to your home and business to increase its energy efficiency, resale value, and general livability. Our estimates and consultations are always free, and we always enjoy helping homeowners and business owners make the right decisions for their home improvement and business renovations needs. Your trust is well-placed with our top team of installation experts!

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How much will my installation or repair cost?

We’re happy to discuss further the parameters of your project and provide you with the quickest estimate possible. Your quote will be dependent on a number of factors: repair or replacement materials, existing structure, timeline of installation or renovation, and so on. Our aim is to provide all customers with a quote in the quickest manner possible to help them make a decision between however many other companies they may be evaluating. 

What is the service area of Melnik & Sons Construction?

Our teams are highly mobile — we’ve completed jobs all over the Northeastern USA, midwestern USA, and southeastern USA. We understand the importance of being able to travel to remote locations for services needed by customers. For that reason, our service area is wider than most. We can perform your window & door installation, solar roof, metal roof, or siding job at almost any location in NY state and many of the surrounding states, as well as Alabama and surrounding areas.

My project may be covered under insurance. Can Melnik & Sons help?

One of our biggest advantages over our competitors is our experience and ability to successfully interface with insurance adjusters to ensure your project is covered under the fullest extent possible by any policy you may have for your home or business.

What kind of utilities savings can I expect from the installation of solar roofing or energy-efficient windows?

Based on previous installations and manufacturing guidance, we’re very confident in our ability to project your annual cost savings per year based on what improvement selections you have us install. All we need is a bit of information about your structure and we can put together a realistic estimate for you to review these long-term beneficial installations and renovations to your home or business.

Will I be dealing directly with the owner of the company? Or will I get offloaded to a subcontractor after the contracts are signed?

At Melnik & Sons, Paul Melnik deals with each client directly to ensure the clearest communication and the best understanding of your project before work begins. Melnik & Sons was started to be a specialized firm that keeps this focused structure and attention to detail preserved for the betterment of our customers and the successful completion of the home renovation or commercial improvement.