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It’s not often that a roofing company will equally specialize in residential roofing and commercial roofing, but here we are! Our expertise in roofing build to handle the NY climate is unrivaled in the region. Our teams are the best-trained and specialize in expedience. For as hard as we work, we also work smart. Our project managers are continually on the cutting-edge of materials and processes emerging from the roofing industry; we take that expertise and implement it into your new solar roof for your home, metal roof for your commercial property, or vice versa!

  • Solar Roofing can save the average home or business greatly in annual energy costs
  • Metal Roofing has proven to deflect solar heat in summer months, which dramatically cuts down A/C expenses, in addition to retaining heat in the winter at a high level of efficacy
  • A new roof on your home or business prevents unsafe and costly damages down the road
  • The value of your home or business dramatically improves with a new roof, and the pool of potential buyers substantially increases with this on your property disclosure

Our star team can review your project to outline all of the vinyl siding, cedar siding, clapboard siding, and more options available to your residential or commercial structure. As with all home or business renovations and upgrades, these are future-proofing enhancements you can make now on a budget to add visual appeal and resale value to your business or residence. Contact our expert project managers today to explore how trusting us to install your new siding will result in higher energy efficiency for your building, more curb appeal, and increased foot traffic.

  • Energy-efficient siding installations can save homeowners and business owners greatly on their annual utilities usage due to better heat dissipation and insulation properties
  • Vinyl siding can withstand the Rochester NY and surrounding area climate
  • New cedar siding gives your home or business a warm and inviting visual appeal while still being installed to a standard that will stand the test of time and weather in Upstate NY
  • Clapboard siding gives your home or business the timeless look of sophistication

New windows can upgrade the visual appeal of any home or business, both from the interior and from the exterior of the commercial or residential structure in question. Beyond visuals and curb appeal, energy efficiency is a huge benefit of a new window installation; especially in the harsh summer and winter climates of Rochester NY and Buffalo NY.

  • New windows provide a heightened level of security for your home or business compared to dated windows that are regrettably more susceptible to dangerous break-ins
  • U/V coating on fresh windows helps control climate and prevents sunlight damage
  • Our window installation experts in Rochester and Buffalo are ready to review your window options for residential or commercial applications to improve your property
  • Drastically increase the resale value of your home or business with updated windows installed

New doorways speak volumes for your customers and clients at your commercial place of business. At your home, new doors instill a feeling of home, and exude warm feelings of invitation to guests. First impressions are everything in business, and your entryway doors set the tone for people coming to your storefront or residential home. Our experienced installers are standing by to help you navigate the door installation options available to you.

  • Beef up the security of your home or business with new secure doors for any residence or commercial property. Secure doors protect people, merchandise, and peace of mind
  • Save money on energy costs by upgrading doors to prevent unnecessary heat & A/C loss
  • The cost of new doors are offset by the utility savings over the lifetime of the door, which is usually 20+ years, if installed by a professional door installer like Melnik & Sons
  • We specialize in metal doors, wood doors, glass doors, and more for your home or business

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